Chagdud Khadro was born in 1946 in Houston, Texas. In 1977 she left a career as a writer and researcher in New York City and traveled to Afghanistan, India, and Nepal, where she met and eventually married Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche. She was his student for almost twenty-five years until his Parinirvana in 2002, serving him in various capacities, but particularly as a writer.


Chagdud Rinpoche and Khadro collaborated on his autobiography Lord of the Dance, while, under his guidance, she compiled commentaries of his teachings on ngondro, p’howa, and Red Tara. In 1996, at the time Rinpoche ordained Khadro as a lama, he also designated her as the future spiritual director of Chagdud Gonpa Brasil and Chagdud Gonpa Hispano Ámerica. A particular focus of her teachings is Amitabha P’howa. Khadro’s dynamic and clear teaching style along with her unwavering commitment to Chagdud Rinpoche’s legacy has inspired greatly students in the Americas, Europe and Australia.

At Khadro Ling, the seat of Chagdud Gonpa Brazil, she has worked with a miraculously assembled team (her words) of lamas, artists, and talented sangha members to construct a Guru Rinpoche Palace (Zangdog Palri), publish texts, accomplish projects related to education, spiritual care for the dying, and to preserve and teach Vajrayana ritual arts.




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